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Why Did They Kill The Radio?

Acoustic Madness track from 2016 album Surrounded In Big Town with myself and band members Mitch Purdy (drums), Jorian Olk-Szost (upright bass), April Monteleone (harmony vocals) with special guest, legendary Nashville session pianist Bob Wilson. Detroit radio icon Mark Pasman does a rant at the end of the song and is depicted by WXOU DJ Todd Greenbaum. The video was made by Emilee Patrishkoff and shows my kids, Emilee's son and our neighbor Charlie dressed as record execs detroying radios.


10 + 2

My favorite albums of all time:

OK Computer - Radiohead

Deja Vu - CSN&Y

Magical Mystery Tour- Beatles

Sticky Fingers - Stones

Electric Ladyland - Jimi

What's Going On- Marvin Gaye

The Band - The Band

Uprising - Bob Marley

Live At Fillmore East - Allman Bros

Nefertiti- Miles Davis

Yesterdays - Wes Montgomery

Mezzanine -  Massive Attack

what are yours?


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