Why Did They Kill The Radio?

Acoustic Madness track from upcoming release (working title: SURROUNDED IN BIG TOWN) with myself and band members Mitch Purdy (drums), Jorian Olk-Szost (upright bass), April Monteleone (harmony vocals) with special guest, legendary Nashville session pianist Bob Wilson. Video by Emilee Patrishkoff.


10 + 2

My favorite albums of all time:

OK Computer - Radiohead

Deja Vu - CSN&Y

Magical Mystery Tour- Beatles

Sticky Fingers - Stones

Electric Ladyland - Jimi

What's Going On- Marvin Gaye

The Band - The Band

Uprising - Bob Marley

Live At Fillmore East - Allman Bros

Nefertiti- Miles Davis

Yesterdays - Wes Montgomery

Mezzanine -  Massive Attack

what are yours?


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